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Most financial professionals are too client-diffused to track changes to the tax code, and pivot strategies to leverage new opportunities that the changes create. In his new book, Tax Shelters Explained, CFP and innovative tax strategist, Matthew Chancey cuts through the noise and clutter of hot-button financial services to deliver strategies that not only drive value for your high-profile clients, but also generate revenue for your firm with additional fees and compensation.

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Matthew Chancey, CFP®

Tax solutions for
high-net-worth individuals

Matthew Chancey is in the business of saving hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars for clients. His proven methods help build and maintain wealth for individuals and families across the country.


Reduce tax burdens for clients and drive revenue for your firm

When it comes to tax savings with the power to increase the net worth of your most valuable clients, no one is more informed, focused, and efficient than Matthew Chancey. Now, Chancey is expanding his consulting services to work with CPAs, CFPs, tax attorneys, and other exceptional financial professionals who routinely deliver for their clients, but might be spread too thin to leverage every possible tax relief available for their high net worth clients.

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