Tax Alpha Solutions

Bold tax strategies for growing the value of your high net worth clients

77,000 - the number of pages in the American Tax Code

The American tax code is 77,000 pages long. If you’re a CPA or tax planning professional, time-tested tax planning strategies likely serve the majority of your clients just fine. However, high net-worth individuals with diverse and sophisticated financial needs are turning to you to drive significant value and preserve their wealth. Do you have the bandwidth and resources to solve their complex tax problems?

The reality is, most financial professionals are too client-diffused to track changes to the tax code, and pivot strategies to leverage new opportunities that the changes create. In my new book, Tax Alpha Solutions, I cut through the noise and clutter of hot-button services to deliver strategies that not only drive value for your high-profile clients, but also generate revenue for your firm with additional fees and compensation.

No matter how amazing you are at serving your clients, you know there is more you can do. But the complex tax strategies I advise require a dedicated partner who can execute and manage this powerful aspect of their overall wealth plan. Rather than a one-off move, Tax Alpha Solutions envisions a long-term partnership that presents previously unused tax strategies as a differentiating service unique to your firm, teaches you how to market these strategies as a service, and ultimately gain more buy-in from existing clients while attracting new ones within your community.

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